To view or update your account security settings, log in to your Token Generator account and click on the 'Account' tab on the top navigation bar or from the Avatar on the top right hand corner, and then the 'Security' tab.

On your Account Security page, you can perform the following changes and updates:

  • Set up Two-Factor Authentication if you have not done so during the signup process. See instructions under 2FA – Google Authenticator and SMS Authentication.
  • Change your password – see instructions under Resetting your Password. Two factor authentication must be complete before you can change your password in Account Security settings, as authentication will be done via either the Google Authenticator or SMS.
  • Setup a recovery email address – You will need to set up two factor authentication before you can register a recovery email address. A verification code will be sent to your phone/Google authenticator app – enter this on the screen and click ‘Verify’. A new verification code will then be sent to your chosen recovery email address.Enter the new verification code in the ‘Enter code’ box and click ‘Confirm’. 

NOTE: Once set up, your recovery email CANNOT be changed!

  • View login history or force logouts for all devices currently logged in to your account.
  • Account deletion.  See further instructions here.