In order to participate in any TGE using Token Generator you must first sign up for an account and be verified (level of verification required dependant on TGE, more on that later). 

Step 1:

From the Token Generator home page or via the Login page, click on Sign up to begin the signup process.

Enter an email address to be used for your Token Generator account.
A verification check will be done on the email address and once complete you will see a confirmation like this if successful:

If you see the following error it means that the email address you chose has previously been involved in a data breach. We recommend using a different email address to avoid any potential security issues.

Click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 2:

Choose an email address and password.

Choose a password – it will need to have a minimum of 15 characters.

Password managers like Lastpass are highly recommended to keep your account credentials safe and secure, especially for more complicated passwords.

If you have a referral code you can enter it here. See our FAQs for more information on how the referral system works.

Once you have agreed to Token Generator's terms of service and passed the captcha sequence, click ‘Sign up’ to proceed.

Note: Token Generator has built in features to check email addresses and passwords against trusted fraud intelligence engines and risk profiling institutions in real-time. This is to determine whether or not they have been compromised in past security breaches.

*** If your chosen email address or password is found to have been compromised in a data breach, you will be prompted consider using  a different user / email address and/or password.

Step 3:

Confirming your Token Generator account

After your account details have been registered, an email will be sent to your inbox when you click ‘Sign up’. 

If you have not received your confirmation email after a few minutes, you can click ‘Resend’ for another attempt.

Follow the instructions in the email by clicking the 'verify' button to confirm your account registration.

Once your account is confirmed you will be taken to the following screen where you can browse the available TGEs or begin your profile verification process.