Log on to Token Generator, click on Investments on the top navigation bar and go to the Withdraw tab underneath the ‘Account’ section.

Select Ether or one of the available tokens from the ‘Token’ drop down menu.

Enter the amount you would like to withdraw and click ‘Withdraw’.

Metamask will send you a popup notification confirming the transaction.

You will need to approve the transaction by pressing Submit.

You will also find the pending transaction under the History tab in the Account section.

Keep refreshing the tab until the transaction shows up as ‘Confirmed’.

Next, click on the Metamask icon in your browser.

You will need to manually add the token to your account by clicking ‘Add Token’ and paste in the token contract address.

The token contract addresses can be found under the respective Token main sale pages here

Once added, the Token symbol will change to the Token you just withdrew.