Head to https://secure.tgeapp.com/ and log in to the account you used to purchase pre-sale tokens.

Ensure you have Metamask installed.

Add your private Key to Metamask: When you bought your pre-sale tokens you had to generate or register an Ethereum account. In order to access your tokens you will have to have access to your private key. In order to add this key to Metamask first open up the Extension by clicking on the small Fox-Icon:

Then enter your Metamask password (not your Token Generator or private key password). If you do not have a Metamask-enabled wallet yet, generate one using the wizard which is presented. You will see your generated wallet after this:

On this screen please click on the colourful icon in the upper right corner and select “import account”.

On the following screen paste your private key into the field labeled accordingly.

Click “Import”

Back in the Token Generator select "Investment" in the top left hand corner and sign in using Metamask:

Select Account > Balance, here you will see a list of your assets:

Select the convert button on the line of any available pre-sale tokens:

Confirm the transaction:

You'll be shown another Metamask request, please click submit to execute the transaction:

Go back to your Balance page, as soon as the transaction has been confirmed your converted tokens will appear.

Note that tokens are still held in the exchange until KYC procedures for TGEs are completed. As soon as this is the case, the token will be released and you will be able to transfer to your personal wallet.