To participate in a TGE, your account will need to meet a certain level of verification.

Not all stages of verification will be required for all TGEs – this will be explained for each TGE in the marketplace.

As part of the verification process we require photo identification and proof of your current address.

If you are signing up as a business or organisation, we also require a government issued registration or tax identification number, a recent trade register extract or similar document, as well as details and photo identification for the organisation's chosen representative.

***IMPORTANT: If you need to change your personal details, your current verification status will be revoked and you will be required to resubmit your information again through the verification process – you will NOT be able to participate in certain TGEs until this process is complete.

Stage 1 – MetaMask Browser Plugin

The MetaMask browser plugin is required in order to participate in TGEs as it allows users’ browsers to interface directly between the internet and Ethereum network.

Click 'Download MetaMask' to begin the installation process. If you already have the plugin installed, make sure you are logged in. 

Note: You will need to be connected to the main Ethereum network on your MetaMask plugin to use Token Generator.

Click ‘Link MetaMask’ to continue.

Once your MetaMask plugin has been successfully linked, you will see your wallet’s public address.

Each verification that is successfully submitted unlocks the next verification level. The next image shows the claim button after submitting your phone number for phone verification (see Stage 2 – Phone Verifications). 

Click ‘Claim’ to claim the verification on the blockchain, or do it after you have done the remaining verifications to pay less GAS fees.

Stage 2 – Phone Verification

To begin the phone verification process, enter your country code, phone number and click 'Send code'. A verification code will be sent to your phone. Click resend if it hasn't come through in 60 seconds.

Enter the verification code sent to your phone and click 'Verify'. The button will change to ‘Processing’ to show that verification is in progress.

The text in Phone Number tab will change to 'Verified' once successful.

Stage 3 – I.D. Verification

Select Individual. 

Enter your First and Last name, Date of Birth, Occupation and Nationality.

Proof of Identity

  • For your photo ID, you will need to have a driver’s license, passport or national ID.
  • The identification must clearly show the nationality, date and issue and your photo.
  • Do not crop the image in any way which removes part of the ID.
  • Three photo uploads are required in total – Front of the ID, Back of the ID, and a selfie with your ID. You must upload all three to proceed.

Click on the camera button on any of the options to begin the photo capture.

The camera on your device will activate to start the capture and upload process. You may need to manually enable or provide access to your camera.

You can crop, rotate, zoom in or out to capture a clear image of your ID, however do not crop the image such that any portion is removed, including the edges. 

To avoid any delays in the validation process, please ensure that details of the uploaded images are clear and legible, and the images are not manipulated in any way.

If there are errors with the pictures you have taken you will get a similar result as the following image. Click on the camera button to try again, and upload once you are ready.

Stage 4 – Proof of Address

Select your Country of Residence from the drop down box.

Enter your Address, Suburb, City and Postcode.

You will need to upload a Utility bill and Bank statement, both of which will need to show the address you have provided above.

Once the required documents are uploaded , click ‘Submit’.

Stage 5 – Background Check

The Background Check part of the Verification process is fairly straightforward. You will need to agree to the submission of your personal information to SingleSource, which cross references what you have submitted against various intelligence engines to determine your risk profile. 

Tick if you agree to the background check and click ‘Submit’.

Stage 6 – Source of Funds

Select from the drop down box your main source of income to be used for your Token Generator investments. Provide a First and Last name, as well as an email and phone number for a contact who can provide a reference for your chosen source of funds.

Once all required fields are complete, click ‘Submit’ to submit details for your Source of Funds for verification.